Unleash your Full Potential

Unleash your full potential

What if you could remove that limiting belief which is sabotaging you for far too long by exploring your subconscious mind?

Program duration – 30 days

The most powerful part of you is your subconscious. Every action, inaction, emotion, compulsion is influenced by this incredible super-computer designed to keep you ‘safe’. Unfortunately, our subconscious programming isn’t always up to us or in our best interest. You will be amazed by understanding how the power of the mind can have a resounding effect on your personal and professional growth. I’m here to help you connect the dots and create new beliefs and I can guarantee you will get some great aha moments.

What you get

Working with me is so much more than quitting smoking, sleeping better, losing weight, controlling emotions, healing relationships or improving public speaking . That’s just what brings you to me. What you will get is something far greater : freedom from the pain you felt for far too long AND the secrets to harness the powerful potential of your mind so you can have a fulfilled and happy and extraordinary life.

What is included

  • 4-week intensive to unleash your full potential
  • 1x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation you are looking for
  • A deep dive into The Rules of the Mind to learn how to make it works for you and not against you
  • 1x pre recording (relaxation)
  • 1 x phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) session
  • 1x follow up powerful healing hypnotherapy session
  • 1x personalized transformational hypnosis recording to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs and seal new supportive ones
  • Up to 2 x coaching zoom calls
  • Email and WA support (office hours) for 30 day
I am not a medical professional, and my 1on1 support and programmes do not contain medical advice. If you are experiencing serious mental illness then you should first connect with a medical professional.
Blissup Alice Gossé
Unleash your Full Potential


After you completed the payment, you will receive in your mailbox an invoice with the link to book your first session with me.

Congratulations on getting started on the path of profound transformation!

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