Strategic Private Session

Strategic Private Session

Keep growing the Superhuman in you, Life really can be exponential. The end is really the beginning.

You have already experienced a profound transformation and now you are ready for the next step? Are you facing another challenge you need help with? Working with me is like having a “Personal Trainer” for your own mind. Whatever is bothering you right now, Let’s talk about it ! I will take you through different kinds of processes to explore and heal the mind. Whether we work at conscious or subconscious level, you will get a clear solution to your issue.

What you get
You will get understanding and freedom around your issues. We will work effectively through the issues – which often are old outdated beliefs that are still running – create awareness so that you can process, understand, heal and rewire new, more beneficial, healthy beliefs and patterns.

I can see what most people cannot see and I dare to say what most people wouldn’t dare to say.
This is the real meaning of the term “the truth shall set you free”

What is included ?
• A 90-minute zoom video call
• I will provoke your thinking and challenge the way you see the world and yourself
• You will get a great aha moment and be able to move forward
• Email and WA support (office hours) for 1 week

Blissup Alice Gossé
Strategic Private Session


After you completed the payment, you will receive in your mailbox an invoice with the link to book your first session with me.

Congratulations on getting started on the path of profound transformation!

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