Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss

Imagine the magical Power of Therapy and Coaching blended together to transform your life and get what you ever wanted.

Program duration – 3 months

Pure Bliss is not magic. But it is Magical in its impact. Results will show you that.
Do you have goals you desperately want to achieve, but it feels like something keeps pulling you back ? Whatever you’re hoping to achieve in your life, Pure Bliss will help you make it a reality. Imagine if that pull back you’re feeling right now was suddenly released…. That instead of feeling stuck, lost, confused, overwhelmed, you finally had certainty, confidence, and conviction to set goals, believe you can achieve them, and finally make them happen. That’s what you can achieve with Pure Bliss.

What you get
I will show you what you cannot see. We will discover the root cause, emotional blocks that are holding you back from success and also create trauma hacking helping you turn your nervous system into your ally.You will make peace with your past and transform your future simultaneously. You will learn ways to move forward even if you feel like nothing works. We will dissolve the hidden blocks that keep you stuck and finally make you thrive in your life’s unique purpose.

What is included in the Pure Bliss ?

  • Access to unique coaching and therapeutic tools capable of achieving profound transformation
  • Up to 10 private zoom sessions to achieve your objective by better collaborating with your mind
  • The option to mix Hypnotherapy and RTT@ sessions with transformational coaching
  • A personalized audio recording to rewire unhelpful negative thought patterns and habits.
  • A deep dive into The Rules of the Mind to learn how to make it works for you and not against you
  • 1x pre recording ( relaxation)
  • Master the Theory of Self Hypnosis and how to self hypnotize yourself using nothing. (Just using your mind which is very different from listening to guided meditations.)
  • Unlimited support between sessions on weekdays via email, WA and voice notes during the program– no need to wait until your next session to ask a question, share what’s on your mind or celebrate all the progress!

Please note – this is a coaching and mentorship interaction, not medical advice. You should consult a medical professional if you require medical advice.

Blissup Alice Gossé
Pure Bliss


After you completed the payment, you will receive in your mailbox an invoice with the link to book your first session with me.

Congratulations on getting started on the path of profound transformation!

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