Blissup VIP Program

Blissup VIP Program

This is a total transformation from the inside out to disintegrate every resistance and subconscious block you have. Entirely bespoke to your needs.

Program duration – 9 months

On the surface you have everything to live a blissful life, but oddly you feel there is something missing. Something is keeping you from unleashing your full potential – in terms of health, happiness, fulfillment, relationships, emotional, spiritual and sometimes even your next level of financial success in this world. All the answers lie within us.

Make it happen and finally break free from the unknown, unseen yet all-powerful self-sabotage that has been getting in your way.


What you get
This is a total transformation from the inside out. Together with me, you’ll disintegrate every resistance and subconscious block you have and , most importantly, the ones you aren’t even aware of . You will overcome your self-imposed constraints to step into your next-level self – and become the calm, grounded, healthy, and inspirational human you always dreamed to be.

What is included
While the program typically includes 2 sessions per month,this is a bespoke solution, and will be tailored to your specific need and goals and unlimited weekday support through whatsapp, email and voice recording. Whenever you need additional accountability in between sessions, you’ll have access to me. Get exactly what you need to break through to your next level.

How does this work ?
The Blissup VIP program is a 9 month journey to your next level . You will address everything that is subconsciously limiting your growth and potential .

It is crucial to understand the most powerful part of you is your Subconscious.
Every action, inaction, emotion, compulsion is influenced by this incredible super-computer designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, our subconscious programming isn’t always up to us or in our best interest.
When you address the root cause, everything else starts to shift and change.

The sessions are to be booked during the 9-month based on your needs. I usually recommend 1 session every 2 weeks but we’ll spend extra time where you have high stress, bigger blocks or more complex challenges.

Why is it exactly what you need?
You may have already tried yoga, meditation, or any other modalities and yet you have this sense that something deeper is needed to get to the root cause of the inner blocks and emotional trauma that are holding you back. I will coach you using unique strategies and techniques to get what you most desire.
These are the some themes my clients usually like to work on but again know that these are just examples based on previous Blissup VIP clients and your 9 months journey will be customized to your specific needs: insecurities & fears, self-sabotage, stress & anxiety, money beliefs & relationship to finances, finding your inner voice and life purpose, Relationships (personal & business), and any other remaining subconscious challenges.

Some other sessions can be applied to creation : dealing with a loss, pain management, allergy management, destructive habits, fear / phobia, physical problems, spiritual development, insomnia, high performance, parental healing, ancestral healing, working with dilemmas, inner child work, accident trauma release, past lives work, weight control, relationship with food, sexuality, conception & fertility, relationship with food and more.

So much becomes available when you dive into the root cause of why you’re stuck.

If you are serious about taking the time to dive deep and making a significant investment in yourself, this journey is for you.
Because It is one-on-one and it is totally focus on you, I only have a few spaces each year. This is a serious investment only for individuals who are ready to make this commitment to themselves and who know without a doubt that I am the mentor they want to walk with for 9 months.

By enrolling in this profound long lasting transformation journey, working closely with me, you will get past all the security system your mind created that protect old, buggy subconscious programs and reset the code of your subconscious to serve your health and happiness in ways that feel natural, effortless, wholesome and familiar.

Blissup Alice Gossé
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